Psychological Testing for Autism Diagnosis

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If your child is showing signs of autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, or even a lack of verbal or social interaction skills, we can help. Before beginning ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy, your child must obtain an official autism diagnosis.

Early intervention (2-5 years old) in children with autism is a crucial time to make sure they receive the proper therapy and support for a successful, independent life. At Lumiere Children’s Therapy, we focus significant resources on autism diagnosis to eliminate or shorten any wait time. We offer thorough psychological autism screening, testing and ABA Therapy Services for children and teens.

Autism Statistics


Of children with Autism are Diagnosed by Age 3


Of children in the US have Autism


More common in boys


Life-long Care Reduction with Early Intervention

Our 3-Step Process for Comprehensive Psychological Testing

Step 1: Initial Evaluation

Your journey with Lumiere Children’s Therapy begins with an initial evaluation. During this appointment, our clinical team will meet with you and your child in a warm and welcoming environment. The assessment includes the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), which is the gold standard in autism diagnosis. The evaluation involves a series of play-based and activity-based assessments designed to observe your child’s behavior and interaction skills. This process typically lasts about 2 hours ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment.

Step 2: Analysis and Review

Following the initial evaluation, our medical specialists will meticulously review the results. Our team examines the data collected during the assessment to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your child’s developmental profile and behavioral patterns.

Step 3: Diagnosis Report

In a follow-up appointment, we will share our findings with you. This session includes a detailed written report outlining the results of the assessment and any diagnosis. We will also provide recommendations for treatment and therapy, if necessary. At Lumiere Children’s Therapy, we prioritize the comfort and well-being of your child throughout the diagnostic process. We take the time to thoroughly discuss the results and next steps with you, offering support and guidance as you navigate the journey ahead.

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"My son’s progress since he first started has been tremendous!. His motor skills, physical skills and speaking skills are increasing everyday. We will work collectively as one to continue help his development together."

"My son has been doing fantastically! He has improved so much. My family and friends see such a big difference in his speech. He has started using full sentences and he also opens up a lot more to his peers. My husband and I feel so elated that he has improved so much, thank you Lumiere!."

"Lumiere brought our family PEACE and we will never forget that; we are forever grateful to everyone there who is a part of our son’s life."