January 2, 2018

Child Speech Therapy: Teaching Feelings

Phillip Dean

Identifying one’s feelings and emotions can be challenging for children, sometimes resulting in inappropriate reactions such as hitting or biting. The strategies below aim towards education and identification of common feelings to help provide the appropriate language to express one’s emotions.

1. Label your child’s feelings. As your child expresses a type of feeling, narrate what they are experiencing to help develop a stronger feelings vocabulary repertoire.

3. Feelings Sort. Create a fun card game by printing off a variety of facial expression pictures (anger, sad, happy, silly, surprised, scared). Before starting, discuss each type of feeling and imitate the different faces in front of a mirror. Scatter the pictures on the table for your child to divide into groups or create a game by assigning each person a feeling and seeing who can collect the matching pictures first!

4. Charades with feelings. Practice acting out feelings with a family-fun game of charades. Use the same picture cards from feeling sort game or this free feeling cube to determine which feeling to act out. The other members in the family get the chance to guess.

5. Movies and Youtube videos. Inside Out is an animated film highlighting the core feelings of joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. It will soon become a family favorite! There are also kid-friendly videos on YouTube that can provide a visual representation of feelings. Some favorites include:

Continue to discuss feelings with your children during experiences. Children will begin to associate innate feelings with expressed emotions. Once the child can identify their own emotions, they will begin to develop theory of mind to understand the feelings of others.



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