September 20, 2016

Billy Madison

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As a parent reading this, you are likely to remember the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison. In the film,  Billy Madison sang “back to school back to school, to prove to dad I’m not a fool” in quite a silly voice. While that scene, and the movie in general, was very funny and entertaining, the idea behind his words there can strike a cord for children, teens, and/or parents of kids that are struggling through school and trying to prove themselves or live up to their perceived—or real—expectations that are placed on them by their family, peers, teachers etc.…

We live in a culture that places great value on excelling in what we do; whether that is test scores, grades, sports, theater, music, dance, the list goes on. While excelling in one or several areas is realistic and attainable for some, there are certainly many who struggle to find an area in which they feel extraordinary.

Children who have mental health conditions such as ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, and/or Depression can experience great stress in trying to meet the high demands placed on them. They may lose interest in activities or subjects that were once important to them out of fear of producing less than what is expected of them. They may also withdraw, argue, or work themselves so hard to the point where their sleep and general health may be at risk for problems. Comments such as “I’m giving up”, “I’m not as good as (a peer), it’s no use”, “I won’t make the team”, “I’ll never get into that club” may be indicative of a more serious problem that could be helped with the support of a caring, invested, and unbiased third party.

Weekly therapy sessions will help these children and adolescents to build up their self-esteem, problem solve to help reach goals, prioritize their tasks, and have a safe space to vent about the myriad stressors in and out of school. Contact Lumiere Children’s Therapy to set up an evaluation appointment with our Licensed Clinical Social Worker today—it can make a huge difference for your child.


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