November 14, 2016

Child Therapy: 6-12 month toys

As part of our series on age- appropriate toys, we will discuss toys for children 6-12 months old this week. At this age, fine and gross motor skills are beginning to develop. At around 9 months old, children will begin to pick up objects on their own and place them into different sized containers. Further, at around 9-11 months old, children can sit alone with full rotation, pushing them to become comfortable in a standing position. When looking for appropriate toys for your child at this age, focus on toys that encourage fine and gross motor development. We will list ideas of store bought toys as well as common household items that can double as toys.

Store- Bought Toys

– Push- pull toys: Any type of push-pull toy will encourage children to begin to stand. It also aids in balance and muscle development. In the younger months, your child can sit in front of the toy to develop fine-motor play. As your child gets older, they will use the handle to help stand on their own. Additionally, the toy telephone can even facilitate in role-play as well.

– Music station: Once your child can pull to a stand, this toy can support your child to balance on his or her own. They can explore real instrument sounds and learn about colors, counting, animals, greetings and more.

– Shape sorter: Children love to place objects in bigger containers during these ages. The shape sorter exposes your child to different shapes and sizes. This is a great toy for fine motor development.

Household Item Toys

– Cooking items: Plastic bowls, measuring cups, wooden spoons, and plastic cups are great to use for putting smaller cups in larger bowls or cups. You can also bring these toys in the bathtub and pour water from one container to the other.

– Red solo cups: Stack the cups in a large pyramid and have your child knock them down. As your child’s fine motor increases, they will begin to be able to build the tower themselves.

– Kleenex box: Take the plastic off of the small opening on a Kleenex box. Your child can put little blocks or balls into the Kleenex box. Create your own shape sorter by using a box opener to make different shape holes in the box.

– Coffee table: Encourage your child to pull to stand by placing toys on your coffee table. Place the toys on the edge of the table so that it is reachable for your child. However, be sure to first baby proof your coffee table if it has sharp corners!

As mentioned in the last post, toys should be used as a facilitator towards development. Caregiver’s communication and interaction will be the most efficient tool for child development.  If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development of play, fine motor, gross motor, or speech, contact Lumiere Children’s Therapy.



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