August 22, 2016

Child Therapy: Benefits of Therapeutic Preschool

Lumiere Children’s Therapy offers therapeutic preschool for children participating in therapy services. The therapeutic preschool program prepares children for their academic future by combining academic milestones with therapeutic goals. The therapeutic preschool program is lead by a developmental therapist, but each group will receive sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and speech therapy throughout each week. The preschool is aligned with Illinois Early Learning State Standards as well as includes the addition of social skills, communication, and self-care.  Learn more about benefits of a therapeutic preschool below.

Benefits of therapeutic Preschool:

Smaller class size

  • Each class consists of 6 or less children. A smaller class size ensures that your child will receive more attention from the therapist during activities.

Less behavior problems

  • Behavior problems can arise due to large class sizes. With a more intimate class size, children will be able to engage in more activities during the day without as many distractions present.

Applying therapy goals

  • Therapy goals are achieved by incorporating skills from therapy at home and other social situations. The final outcome of therapy is for a child to be proficient at using therapeutic strategies in their everyday activities. Therapeutic preschool offers a safe, social environment for the students to practice the skills they learned from individual therapy.

Structured and unstructured group activities

  • Therapeutic preschools strategically incorporate individual therapy goals into each lesson. Children will participate in structured activities planned around certain goals. They will also have free-play to utilize their new learned skills in social situations.

Increases attention span.

  • Therapeutic preschool places emphasis on your child’s attention ability. Attention problems are often linked with speech, language, and behavior difficulties. Therapeutic preschool allows children to be more hands-on with every activity while keeping the child’s attention active as well. The therapist will additionally incorporate motor and sensory techniques for children struggling to stay attentive.

Progression Meetings

  • Instructors will have frequent meetings with all team members about the student’s therapy goals. During parent meetings, the teacher will be able to discuss the child’s therapy and academic progress.


Lumiere Children’s Therapy will be attending the 2016 NPN school fair this year.  Our therapeutic preschool program registration is now open for fall enrollment. Click here for more information on our therapeutic therapy program!


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