July 27, 2015

Child Therapy Chicago: Indoor Activities

School is out for the summer! Finding fun, active, and engaging activities for your children can be a challenge. Here is a list of child therapy Chicago activities to help improve gross motor skills. These indoor activities work especially well for all the rainy Chicago days we have had this summer!
  • 821 W Eastman Street, Chicago IL
  • Check daily for open gym times. $12 per child.
  • Pump It Up consists of multiple larger-than-life inflatables with obstacles, slides, and bouncy areas. Kids love all the different types of inflatables. It is a great place to go on a rainy afternoon or to host a birthday party!
  • Gross motor goals: Jumping on the inflatables improves balance for children. The bouncing motion helps children become aware of their body movement and expands sensory input comfort in children with sensory sensitivity.
  • 2827 W. Belden Ave. Chicago, Il 60647
  • Family Yoga and Baby & Me are $10 per family (up to 4 family members). Children under 1 year are free.
  • Family yoga is an introduction for kids that incorporate breathing, dancing, story time, and games. Baby & Me is geared towards creating time during yoga practice to interact with your pre-crawling babies.
  • Gross motor goals: Yoga practices balance, strength, and flexibility, which are the roots of developing gross motor skills.
  • 1416 W. Webster Avenue.
  • My Gym Chicago offers 19 classes, including gymnastics, dance classes, martial arts, and more. Their classes are appropriate for children from 7 months to 10 years of age. The average cost for a 4-class cycle is $95.
  • Gross motor goals: Any of the classes offered at My Gym Chicago will strengthen your child’s gross motor skills. They are created to improve coordination, body awareness, strength, and flexibility.
  • 1837 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Open playgroups are Monday-Friday at 9:30 am-4:30 pm. Price varies depending of number of children. Single child $14.
  • Kid City is an indoor play space where children use pretend play to explore the functions of a city, such as a market, play house, or dress up boutique. It is great for all ages and there is even a designated toddler area.

Gross motor goals: Children are not only improving their gross motor skills through pedaling toy cars and going on the slide, they are also increasing their fine motor skills. The child’s fine motor skills are practiced through crafting, dressing up in costumes, and playing the cashier role at the play market.

  • 1504 N Fremont Street, Chicago, IL
  • Classes last 7-weeks and prices range depending on the class.
  • Bubbles Academy offers 5 classes including creative movement, kids art classes, pre-preschool, preschool prep, and preschool separation. Parents may participate and model behaviors for their children. For some classes, they are encouraged to sit back while their children become more independent. The classes are structured around a variety of fun, engaging activities that all children will enjoy.
  • Gross motor goals: The classes are meant to be active! Children will be running, dancing, galloping, marching, and stomping.
  • 1500 N. Kingsbury, Chicago IL
  • They offer 3 price packages for classes: 10 class: $325, 30 class: $731, or monthly: $99/month.
  • Kids Science Labs offers a Toddler Discovery Science for 2-3 year olds. Children will do experiments with measuring, building, making observations, and identifying objects. They will be able to explore the world around them as little scientists!
  • Gross motor goals: Kids Science lab focuses on fine motor skills while doing experiments. For example, kids will pour, measure, cut, and color.
  • 811 W. Evergreen Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Step by Step Care Group provides multiple playgroups led by occupational therapists, speech therapists, and development therapists. The playgroups focus on improving fine motor, gross motor, speech development, and social interaction for toddlers.
  • For classes and pricing visit our website or contact Step by Step Care Group at (312) 242-1665.

Do you have any more fun activities we can add to our list? We would love to hear about your experience at any of these indoor activity locations or other locations in Chicago!

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