October 23, 2017

Child Therapy: Fall activities


With Halloween only a week away, get in the spirit with some Halloween-themed crafts and activities. We compiled our top 10 crafts and activities targeting gross and fine motor, sensory, music, and speech!

  • Pumpkin seeds count: Pumpkin seeds, ice tray, and tweezers are all you need for this fine motor and counting activity. On the bottom of an empty ice tray label the numbers 1-10. Have your child add the amount of pumpkin seeds to each hole using a pair of tweezers.
  • Spider races: Ready, set, go! See which spider can cross the finish line first by blowing through a straw to move the plastic spider. This oral motor activity encourages lip closure and breath support.
  • Pumpkin pie play dough: Not only is this play dough fun, but it smells amazing too! Let your children participate in making the play dough by following directions to measure, pour, and stir. Model cooking language and vocabulary throughout activity. Once the play dough is cooled, roll out the dough and use cookie cutters as a fine motor exercise!
  • Pumpkin Apple Stamp: Create cute pumpkins by stamping half of an apple with orange paint onto the paper! Add a stem with green paint and a face with black marker! This fine motor activity is fun and engaging for all ages!
  • Letter writing with spiders: Practice alphabet writing by tracing letters with plastic spiders or pumpkin seeds. After tracing a prewritten letter, have your child create their own letters or spell their name with spiders or pumpkin seeds.
  • Googly Eye Sensory bag: Simple, spooky, and slimy sensory bag! With only three ingredients necessary, this is a go-to activity. Sensory bags allow children to explore and learn while engaging in their senses.
  • Apple Pie in a cup: Delicious kid-friendly apple pie recipe! Write out the directions or a picture for each step on a piece of paper. Teach your children how to read and follow directions to make this treat. They will love smashing the graham crackers and topping with whipped cream!
  • Spider web walking: Practice balancing skills by following a spider web made of painters tape on the floor from start to finish. Incorporate language goals by sprinkling Halloween objects around the web, and having your child label each object as they pass!
  • Spider Speech Sounds: We can’t have a spider web without a spider! Outline the legs and body of a spider on a piece of black construction paper. Your child will cut out the parts and glue them together; add googly eyes to create an adorable spider! In white crayon write their target speech words on each leg and encourage your child to name each leg before gluing.
  • Corn Shakers: Simply add popping corn to a screw-top bottle or jar for an instant musical instrument! Play a few Halloween songs and have your child shake along to the beat. Use a variety of containers (empty spice jar, toothpick jar, mason jar, water bottle, baby food jar) and compare the sounds made from different containers.

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