July 18, 2017

Child Therapy: Summer Activities

With the Fourth of July over and a month left of summer, the mid summer rut maybe kicking in. Making each day different and exciting for kids can be challenging!  Today’s blog is geared towards helping you shake up the summer routine. Each activity offers a brief description, but click on the provided links for more thorough directions

Suzette – www.suzette.nu

Speech- Language Activities

1. Sensory bin I-spy: Fill a plastic bin with colorful plastic straw pieces (cut straws into thirds or fourths). The straws are the sensory fillers. Then add small toys from around the house such as Barbie clothes, racecars, animals, toy foods, buttons, bracelets, etc. Once the sensory bin is filled, your child will be able to search for the toys by digging through the straws. Say an I-spy clue such as “I spy something that is red” or “I spy a vehicle” and let your child search for a matching object. Once your child has found all the objects, encourage them to create the clues!

2. Sight word bingo: Download the free bingo card in the provided link. Make learning sight words fun by turning it into a bingo game! Involve other members of the family for some friendly competition!

3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear question game: This game accompanies the wonderful children’s book, “Brown Bear, Brown, What Do You See?” By Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle. Print out the free image cards in the provided link with pictures of each animal mentioned in the book. Tape one image to each person participating in the game. Each person needs to determine the animal on their back by asking yes/no questions such as “does my animal have a tail?”

Fine Motor Activities

1. Paper plate chick: Not only does this craft make an adorable chick, but it also fits perfectly with the story “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick!” by Lucille Colandro. Your child will practice fine motor skills of cutting and gluing, and all you need is a paper place, yellow tissue paper, orange cardstock, and glue.

2. Color sort with clothespins: The goal of the game is to color sort a variety of colorful pom poms. Fine motor skills are required to pinch the clothespins in order to drop the pom poms into the appropriate plastic container.

3. Cheerio stack: The best part about this game is you most likely own all the pieces! Roll a ball of play do onto a plate and place two raw spaghetti sticks in the middle. Challenge your child to stack as many cheerios they can on the spaghetti. Great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in order to not break the pasta.

Gross Motor Activities

1. Balloon tennis: Using a fly swatter as a tennis racquet and balloon as a tennis ball makes for an exciting indoors game. The fly swatter increases child’s gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

2. Tic-Tac-Toss: Using painters or masking tape, make a large tic-tac-toe board on the floor. Colorful beanbags will take the place as the traditional X’s and O’s. In order to mark the square, your child must throw the beanbag into the desired spot. Estimating the force and direction of the throw is a great hand-eye coordination skill.

3. Ball toss: Line plastic bins or buckets from close to far. Have your child throw ping pong balls into the buckets labeled from 100-500 points. Don’t forget to keep score!

Do you have any fun activities targeting speech/language, fine motor, and gross motor skills? Comment below! For more great ideas, check out our past blogs on indoor and outdoor activities for kids! Contact Lumiere Children’s Therapy to enroll in our therapeutic playgroups.



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