December 11, 2014

Co-Treatment Things to know and consider

Many children receive more than one type of therapy. Children can have speech therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy and physical therapy. Sometimes therapists will recommend a co-treatment session. A co-treatment is when two therapists provide services at the same time. Upon first look, it may seem like the child is receiving less therapy. However, the benefits of a co-treatment session outweigh an individual session. When two different types of therapists see a child at the same time they are able to share their goals and how they work on them. For example, an occupational therapist could show how they address a child’s sensory needs and a speech therapist could share what techniques they are using to facilitate the child’s language development. Therapists can also share what is or is not working in therapy and collaborate to come up with the best treatment plan for a child. The ability for different types of therapists to share this information benefits the child because therapists can implement techniques from other types of therapies. This will make each therapy session more beneficialfor the child and therefore allow for the child to make the most progress. Overall,co-treatment sessions are valuable for both the child and therapists and can bean instrumental tool in producing improvements in therapy.

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