October 5, 2015

Parent Child Interactive Therapy: Speech Activities

Therapists recommend incorporating speech goals at home for better therapy results, and it can be great for family bonding! Below is a list of fun, easy speech games to incorporate into your daily routines for Parent Child Interactive Therapy at home
Connect four:
Use a standard Connect Four game. Put dot stickers on one side of the Connect Four pieces. Write a variety of mastered, working on, and new sight words on the stickers. Turn all of the pieces upside down. Have your child pick up a piece and pronounce the word. If the child pronounces it correctly, they will be able to place the piece where they want. If they pronounced it incorrectly, model the correct pronunciation and put the piece back. Great way to incorporate sight words into family game night!
Car Alphabet game:
For all the hours spent in the car, this game is a great use of time! First, pick a letter. For example, you can choose the letter M. Then come up with as many words that start with the /m/ sound. Take turns until you cannot think of any other words!
Scavenger Hunt:
Scavenger hunts are a great physical activity for the whole family to enjoy! For this scavenger, you will begin by picking a sound. Run inside and outside the house taking photos of every object that starts with that sound. The person with the most photos is declared the winner!
Paper ball basketball:
Write a word on a piece of paper with the amount of syllables written underneath. Crumple the paper into balls. Have your child chose one of the balls and read the sight word out loud. If they pronounce it correctly, they will shoot the ball into the trashcan. The amount of syllables in the word equals the amount of points. Great for the basketball star!
Have you incorporated speech goals into games at home? We would love for you to share! 


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