February 29, 2016

Therapists in Chicago: Global Developmental Delay

Amanda Wizinsky discussed in her “Therapists in Chicago” interview that she works with many children who have global developmental delays. Although you may be familiar with the term “developmental delay”, you might not know the difference between a developmental delay and a global developmental delay.
A developmental delay is when a child continuously shows signs of slower development in cognitive skills, motor skills, speech and language skills, or social and emotional skills. Typical development follows this sequence:
  • Cognitive skills– ability to learn and process new information.
  • Motor skills– reaching motor milestones such as rolling, crawling, walking, and physical strength.
  • Speech and language skills– using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Social and emotional skills– interacting with others and understanding other’s perspectives.
If a child has a delay with one or two developmental milestones, it is considered a developmental delay. For children that are behind in almost all developmental milestones, it is considered a global developmental delay. There are many possible causes of global developmental delay, which may involve, but are not limited to, trauma to the central nervous system, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, chromosome and genetic disorders or metabolic disorders.
Step by Step Care Group has many great therapists in Chicago to help with your child’s development. For children with global developmental delays, it is most effective to have speech, developmental, and physical therapy early in life. 


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