As one of the best speech therapy clinics in Chicago, we know that communication with your child is vital. We work on helping your child improve their speech and language development to create meaningful relationships.

Communicate. Connect.

Speech touches so many parts of every day life, from eating to communicating needs, to creating and sustaining meaningful relationships. Our speech therapists work with children to create a connection and problem solve along the way.

We use expressive language work, language therapy with an emphasis on multimodal strategies, speech sound production, and active articulation therapy. We also help with augmentative and alternative communication forms such as sign language, picture support, and utilizing high-tech communication devices.

The overall environment of the clinic is very warm and welcoming. It projects calmness which is the most important setting for children with disabilities. The staff is very pleasant and greets you at the door with a smile, daily.

There are a lot of services offered and you can really set up your child’s day for all his/her needs. I think having ALL services in a one-stop shop is a very attractive feature that almost no one else offers.

— Lumiere parent