Teaching & Learning How to Write & Shine!

Handwriting is a complex activity that can greatly impact school performance and confidence. Our new Handwriting Clubs are designed for kids of all ages who struggle with sensory processing and fine motor skills. The two main objectives of the handwriting clubs are to:

  • assess and improve pencil grasp, posture, and hand strength

  • assess and improve the sensory perceptual skills (including visual perception and proprioception--awareness of body in space) necessary for legible handwriting

Direct instruction in handwriting will be supplemented with sensory integration and strengthening activities. We'll explore alternative seating, grasping, and table options. We base our groups on the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which takes a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Our groups are held in a loving environment where kids learn through connecting to goal-oriented and purposeful handwriting activities. Your child will work with peers as a team to accomplish a common goal while incorporating handwriting. For example, we may write out the steps to a recipe and work together to make it. Or we may play a board game requiring your child to write a letter, word, or sentence in order to move forward.

Handwriting Clubs are structured into five skill-based groups with approximate age ranges that allow kids to master and graduate on to the next group - each offering more developmentally complex writing skills.


SUPER SCRIBBLERS: Pre-Handwriting strokes & shapes
(Pre-K; developmental age range 3-4)


There are lots of milestones that need to be met before writing letters. The very first step is scribbling! From there, kids begin to refine their strokes and progress from straight lines to circles, squares and other shapes. Some kids may take less of an interest in coloring, making it more difficult to write as they grow. The earlier we can address some of these underlying problems, the easier writing tasks will be in elementary school.


LETTER LEADERS: Uppercase Letters, Numbers & Introduction to Lowercase Letters (Kindergarten; developmental age range 4-5)


This is a pivotal stage for handwriting development. Children are learning how to form letters, and, oftentimes, storing incorrect formation into their motor memory. We’ll work with them to learn the most efficient way to write letters, impacting speed and legibility down the road. 


WORD WIZARDS: Lowercase Letters & Introduction to Writing Words (Developmental age range 5-6)

Does your child form the letters d, a, and g in a similar manner? How about consistently reversing letters? We’ll build motor memory through repetitive practice using a multi-sensory approach, making it fun in the process! It’s important that kids learn legible and appropriate formation and where each letter sits on the writing line before moving on to writing sentences.


SENTENCE STARTERS: Introduction to Sentence Structure
(Developmental age range 7-9)


Does your child write words that run together? Does he become tired very quickly during writing tasks? Here, we’ll focus on learning strategies and using supportive tools (like a letter rubric taped to their desk or a list for self-checking work) to independently check and correct their written work.


WONDERFUL WRITERS: Putting It All Together
(Developmental age range 10-13)

This is where we focus on sentence writing with an emphasis on baseline and word spacing. Kids at this stage are expected to be writing throughout the school day. If handwriting is difficult, it’s likely impacting their performance in every subject, even math. Yet, it is unlikely that they receive any handwriting instruction at this age. That’s where we come in!