We believe it’s possible to make movement fun for kids and educational for parents.

Our physical therapy classes are designed to address gross motor movement through skilled, fun instruction. Parent/Tot classes are 45-minutes and Kids classes (ages 3-12) are one hour. All classes are structured as small groups guided by our experienced therapists, set in loving, encouraging environments.



BUDDING BABIES* (ages 4-10 months)

Your baby may not be crawling yet but there’s lots they’re learning – and you can help! Learn how to position your baby to build strength and develop stability. Explore the senses and support visual and auditory development with tummy time, rolling and other key exercises. This class includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child's development.

*Parent Involvement Required

WEE WALKERS* (ages 11-22 months)

As your baby becomes vertical, a whole new world of wonder is revealed. Play environments are vital to encourage discovery, problem solving, balance and coordination. Parents learn to understand how their infant interacts and communicates with them and others.

*Parent Involvement Required



STEP N' STRETCH (ages 3-4)

Now that kids have better control of their gross motor skills, the possibilities abound! Come learn how to explore movement through this interactive class. Children will learn how to move and stretch the body through music and imitation skills.

YOUNG YOGIS (ages 4-6)

Introduce your child to the world of yoga in a creative environment! This class focuses on having fun with movement by incorporating specific poses with songs, stories, themes and pictures. We’ll have your little one on the move, while promoting strength, balance, coordination and overall flexibility.

EXPERT YOGIS (ages 7-12)

Jump into the mind-body experience through a series of poses and simple breathing techniques designed to enhance your child's strength and flexibility in a fun, open environment! This class will combine a variety of poses, games and songs to promote improved coordination and body awareness.