Enroll NOW for our Therapeutic Preschool and Kindergarten!

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer is flying by, as it always does when you live in Chicago and cherish the limited number of warm days we are provided. August is already upon us and for many students, this means, it’s time to head back to school or at least, start considering educational options for little ones just starting school.

If you have children ages 6 or younger that need a little help getting started, consider our comprehensive therapeutic preschool and kindergarten programs.

Our Pre-K and kindergarten programs provide a supportive and inclusive environment for children of all developmental needs. Our small group setting allows for optimal, personalized therapy for each child.

We offer academics with a play-based approach to teaching and learning. We each share what we know in a relaxing and nurturing environment and work towards a graduation milestone for your child. No victory, success or accomplishment is too small here – in fact, we celebrate each and every achievement as a MAGIC MOMENT.

Your child will learn literacy, math, science and self-care – all explored through music, books, movement, sensory exploration, problem solving and visual/spatial tasks, all while having fun! Each activity will be modified to ensure your child’s success in our program in order to help them achieve academic milestones and ‘graduate’. Our staff provides your child with transitional support throughout the day. We emphasize the importance of social interactions, emotional intelligence and the ability to express feelings.


We incorporate:

  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Social-Emotional Development through Social Work and Developmental Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Our clinic offers a Sensory Gym, allowing children to regulate their bodies before challenging themselves with their academic tasks. We offer small class sizes (6 kids or less) as well as separate, private rooms to build on individual therapy sessions in a private setting.

We align ourselves with the Early Learning State Standards and are committed to Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a play-based curriculum to support the needs of our students.

In the end, we want to make your family goals, our goals. A happy family unit is what we strive for with our approach to therapeutic education.

Not sure if our therapeutic preschool and kindergarten programs are the right fit for your child? No worries.

We offer year-round, rolling admission so you can take your time and decide without any pressure. Children can also be registered for full or half-day programs. Enrollment can be for 2-5 days per week, and we offer early drop-off and late pick-up options to accommodate your busy schedules!

We would love to have you come check out our facility. To schedule a visit, just give us a call at 312-242-1665 or contact us HERE.

But, enough from us. Let’s have you hear about our therapeutic Pre-K and Kindergarten programs directly from our parents.

What are our parents saying about our Therapeutic Preschool and Kindergarten?

Mom, Julia and her son, Alec.

How long has your child been attending our Therapeutic Kindergarten?
Alec has been attending Lumiere since October 2017 for Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy sessions.  He was super excited to come into the center and quickly got comfortable there with all the staff. Since then, we decided to have Alec attend kindergarten through Lumiere starting January 2018.

Was there something in particular that interested you about the kindergarten program that would address your child's needs?
To be honest, the overall environment of the clinic is very warm and welcoming.  You almost feel like you are in a spa. It projects calmness which is the most important setting for children with disabilities.  The staff is very pleasant and greets you at the door with a smile, daily.  I feel very comfortable communicating with everyone and receive very good, consistent feedback. There are a lot of services offered and you can really set up your child’s day for all his/her needs. I think having ALL services in a one-stop shop is a very attractive feature that almost no one else offers.

How has your child benefited from Lumiere's therapeutic kindergarten program? 
Alec has shown tremendous progress since he joined Lumiere!  He has finally started to consistently follow directions and gained full understanding of what is being asked of him.  He has done great with being independent since he joined the clinic.  ABA therapy has helped a lot with his everyday communication and regulation.  Not to mention, Alec came in as a non-verbal child and now almost a year later, he is able to communicate with a handful of words and tries to build sentences.  We are extremely excited with his progress!

What are your favorite aspects of the kindergarten?
As we watch our son grow with the help of Lumiere, I think it’s important to note that the people that work with him are the greatest asset for the clinic. Kitsa, the owner, has done an amazing job hiring very capable and highly educated professionals that make Lumiere a highly recommended therapy clinic in Chicago!  Shannon, the program coordinator, Jakki, the ABA director and all other therapists (Jessica, Lea, Megan, Alex and of course Alec’s most favorite person Ms. Maia) make Lumiere the best place for our son!

What are your overall thoughts about the kindergarten/Lumiere?
For our family, the Kindergarten has been a blessing since Alec struggled in school.  We were stressed out, upset and overall unhappy daily walking into the doors of his CPS school. CPS held Alec back in his growth due to lack of expertise on how to handle him.  Lumiere brought our family PEACE and we will never forget that and are forever grateful to everyone who is a part of our son’s life.

Mom, Catherine and her son, Joe.

How long has your child been attending the preschool?
Since April 2018, one month after Joe turned 3.

Was there something in particular that interested you about the preschool that would address your child's needs?
My husband and I were drawn by the preschool's holistic and highly personalized approach. We knew our son needed one-on-one attention from professionals that understood his unique challenges.  We also wanted a voice and the ability to participate in Joe's education, provided by parent meetings and frequent updates.

How has your child benefited from Lumiere's therapeutic preschool program?
Joe has flourished making leaps and bounds in all aspects of life. He isn't just communicating but excited to initiate and participate in conversations and activities.  His preschool peers provide friendship and motivation to learn.

What are your favorite aspects of the preschool?
I want Joe to enjoy being a child. The preschool allows Joe to engage in a number of fun activities that he would miss from a strict therapeutic schedule. I cherish the art projects he brings home and the daily updates (written down and provided by the staff) detailing Joe's day.

What are your overall thoughts about the preschool/Lumiere?
The group of therapists, staff, and students at Lumiere has quickly become Joe's second family. I was overwhelmed by his positive reception and acceptance. Just a few months ago I felt quite anxious about Joe's future. Now, I look forward to each day Joe heads to preschool and Joe does, too! He drags his backpack out even on the weekends!