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Lumiere introduces our NEW Handwriting Clubs and NEW Physical Therapy Classes! These include music movement classes, a yoga series and our Ready, Set, Bike! class to get your child prepped for summer cycling.

**Introductory promotion: Book any group in June and receive 10% off for the month!**

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How to make a smooth transition into summer

June is a glorious time for kids – no more school means the true beginning of summer, heading outdoors, cool treats and new adventures.

For parents, however, summer means a huge fluctuation in schedules and routines for the entire family. Heading to outdoor events and new places can especially bring on their own set of challenges. The key to making this transition as smooth as possible means being prepared. Below, our social workers are sharing some more tips on making outdoor activities a positive experience for the whole family.


  • Make the upcoming visit a social story. If you are going to a new place that may be overwhelming such as a zoo, concert or festival, talk about it with your child. What will happen there? What can they expect? Predictability helps a lot - especially for kids with autism, who like routine.
  • Have them draw pictures, write out a story or talk about what they are going to see at the event. We usually tell parents to start talking about it a few days beforehand; they can even put it on the calendar to show the kids how it is approaching.
  • Make a schedule for the day of the event if you think your child needs it. Saying things like, “first we will visit the lion house, then we’ll see the elephants and then we will have a picnic lunch” prepares them with predictability and security. 


  • Think about bringing a stroller, so if they do get overwhelmed, they can find comfort in their safe spot. If this is not an option, scope out the venue in advance to see if there is a quiet place you can go to remove the child from the overstimulating environment.
  • Take breaks and walk away from the busy environment. It can even be something as simple as setting up a little picnic area in a grassy spot away from all the action.


  • Letting your child have a say in the day’s activities can help them feel like they have more control over the situation.
  • Give them options and let them make a few choices about where you can go or what you should do. For example, “should we get food first or go on a ride?” 


  • Think about your child’s likes and dislikes before going anywhere. For example, if they do not like swings at the park, they most likely will not like rollercoaster rides.
  •  If your child startles with loud noises, they may need noise-cancelling headphones at a concert.
  •  If your child is resistive to tactile sensory input, the waterpark may be overwhelming.

Ideas for sensory sensitive kids that parents can bring with them:

  • Mouth: Chew toy, crunchy foods/favorite foods or gum
  • Eyes: Visual calming things to look at (they can make a sensory bottle), sunglasses, hat
  • Ears: Headphones or calming music
  • Hands: Fidgets or soft stuffed animal
  • Proprioceptive: weighted blanket

Check out our handy list of outdoor festivals this month in our OUT & ABOUT section, below!


Nathan: A Lumiere Success Story

Nathan has been with Lumiere since June 2015. This month, he will be graduating from our therapeutic preschool.  Here is his story…


Nathan began receiving services from us through the State of Illinois’ Early Intervention program at the age of three. When he aged out of Early Intervention in April 2016, his mother, Nicole, needed to find a therapy clinic for him. “I needed to continue therapies on my own,” recalls Nicole, a CPS elementary school teacher. At the recommendation of one of the therapists, Nicole was referred to Lumiere.

His initial evaluation at Lumiere was for speech. “He was only using utterances and lots of non-verbal communication,” remembers Nicole. Nathan started with speech therapy and later added Occupational Therapy. Nathan received his autism diagnosis at the age of two-and-a-half, but even before then, Nicole’s concerns began around Nathan’s speech. “He started off saying a few words between the ages of one and two and then he just lost that,” she says.

“He was in co-treatment until he started in the therapeutic preschool full-time program in October of 2016,” says Nicole. “He was also signed up for the weekly Socialights clubs.”

After three years of a comprehensive, customized treatment plan by his therapy team at Lumiere, Nathan will be graduating from our therapeutic preschool program this month. He is reading, writing and speaking more - even well on his way to structuring sentences.

“His physical aspect is much better now,” says Nicole. “He does things with me at home, follows directions well, he’s learned how to redirect behaviors on his own, and he’s more verbal now. His non-verbal is diminishing. He’s requesting things more, he’s way more independent now, and he just figures things out more on his own.”

As for how she feels about Lumiere’s role in aiding her son’s developmental progress, Nicole tells us in her own words. “I credit Lumiere with how much progress Nathan has made and I give them all the praise in the world about how far he’s come and all the new things he’s learned. We have a great relationship with the therapists. They’ve been patient with him and communicative with us. They took my suggestions, ran with them and turned it around for Nathan. I love them and we’ll be in tears when he leaves. Lumiere was the best decision I ever made.”


Meet Dr. Tom of Roots Family Chiropractic

Dr. Tom is the chiropractor behind Roots Family Chiropractic, a primarily pediatric and prenatal chiropractic office, which opened in 2016 and is based in Lincoln Park. His wife, Lauren, is the office manager.


The fact that most of his members are children, makes his practice very unique. He calls his services “safe, gentle and highly effective” for kids to quell concerns about misconceptions people have about chiropractic techniques. The main goal is to assess any interference (i.e. stress) on the nervous system through state-of-the-art technology and make recommendations for ongoing care. Dr. Tom a hard-working individual with a strong foundation built on providing neurologically based chiropractic care to practice members of all ages.

Dr. Tom aims to take care of the entire family. “We take great pride in our mission of empowering families to live a health-based life and we are excited to see how our practice continues to grow and help serve the families of Chicago!”

His care approach is different in that it focuses on the functionality of the nervous system and its ability to adapt. He specializes in Epic Pediatrics, Torque Release Technique and Webster’s Technique.

In March 2015, Dr. Tom took the opportunity to utilize his compassionate nature and commitment to quality chiropractic care by traveling on a clinic abroad trip to the island of Bequia. There he spread chiropractic care to underprivileged children and parents.

Dr. Tom completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He is currently attaining a pediatric certification, CACCP, through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Roots Family Chiropractic
(Lincoln Park)
2744 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614



1-2       DO DIVISION STREET FEST- Division, Damen & Leavitt

1-3       LINCOLN PARK GREEK FEST – Sheffield, Diversey & Schubert

2-3       57th STREET ART FAIR – 57th Street, between Kenwood & Woodlawn

8-10     ANDERSONVILLE MIDSOMMAR FEST – Clark Street, between Foster & Catalpa

8-10     RIBFEST CHICAGO – Lincoln/Damen/Irving Park

8-10     CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL – Millennium Park

8-10     SPRING AWAKENING MUSIC FESTIVAL – Addams/Meddill Park

9-10     WELLS STREET ART FESTIVAL – Wells Street, between North Ave & Division

9-10     OLD TOWN ART FAIR – Old Town Triangle Historic District

16-17   GOLD COAST ART FAIR – Grant Park


23-24   RAVENSWOOD ON TAP – Ravenswood & Berteau

29-Jul 1 WINDY CITY RIBFEST – Lawrence & Broadway