5 Ways to Make a Big Impact on Little Hearts


Valentine’s Day, of course, is what first comes to mind when we think of February holidays. But did you also know that this is the month for Heart Health? In fact, February 1st is National Wear Red Day to promote awareness for heart health but what about the emotional side of taking care of your child’s heart? We can do our hearts good by spreading kindness. February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Make sure to be following us on Facebook and Instagram to see how our kiddos will work on spreading kindness to one another! Want to show heart happiness to your child?

Here’s how:

  1. Keep them active. Physical activity is at the base of every healthy heart. The American Heart Association recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity every day. In addition to getting blood pumping and working out the heart, it’s also good for growing bones and muscles. Movement also boosts your energy and helps you sleep better at night! This is important no matter what our age, but it’s a great lifestyle trait to start incorporating into kids’ lives from a younger age. Keeping your heart healthy should be something that kids begin to understand at a young age. The best way to do this is to make sure kids get the daily recommended amount of physical activity.

  2. Make movement fun. Of course, nice weather naturally begets more movement – parks, pools, beaches, playgrounds, biking, running and walking are just some examples. However, winter months see a lag in our opportunities to incorporate physical movement into our daily routine. Therefore, we need to make a concerted effort to find creative ways to move. If you’re stuck inside, you can throw a dance party in the living room, create an obstacle course, or have the kids join you in some yoga (Twister, anyone?).

  3. Eat the rainbow. Establishing healthy eating habits when your child is young sets, the blueprint for a healthier future. Food is fuel; much like a car needs good fuel to function well, teaching your kids to eat the right "fuel" to help their bodies "go" is a relatable way to get them thinking differently about food. How do you do this? Get them excited about eating more fruits and vegetables by telling them about how our bodies need colorful foods -and urging your child to try them. "Peppers come in yellow, red and green. Carrots are orange. Broccoli is dark green but celery is light green. What else is yellow that we can try?" You can make it a game where the person with more colorful plate, wins!

  4. Manage stressful situations. We're so busy trying to manage our own stress as adults, that we may not think that kids are also stressed – just in different ways. This can come in the form of anxiety around friendships, bullying, pressure to win, learn, accomplish or be good at something, doing well in school and even, pleasing you. Try to step away from the stressors of your everyday life, clear your head and take time to take or observe your child and what may be causing him/her to act differently, talk less or become disconnected. Try to connect by asking specific but non-pressuring questions in a calm environment. Pay more attention in your daily observations of your child –routines, sleep patterns, quality of sleep, meals, actions and reactions. A little more targeted awareness can go a long way in helping them manage and reduce their stressors – now and in the future.

  5. Show love and kindness. This is the emotional aspect of being kind to your heart – which is just as important as the physical and nutritional aspect. Teaching and showing kids love, empathy, affection, understanding and kindness to friends and strangers are traits that the world can always use – and that starts with exemplifying it to impressionable kids. We, as parents and caregivers, are the role models in their lives, after all. Helping them through friendship dilemmas, teaching them to stand up and support those who can’t do it for themselves, or doing something nice for someone without expecting something in return are great ways to teach by example.

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