The Lumiere Story

In 2008, during one of our first team assessments, we were working with a family that had a two-year old child. This child wasn’t speaking and had difficulty focusing on directions. The child also had trouble with posture and movement and was not yet walking.

We joined the family in the treatment room and began our evaluation.  We asked medical background questions, developmental questions, played with the child and asked the family to interact with their child, all in preparation for designing a custom treatment plan.

During the evaluation, we noticed that the parents seemed uncomfortable, anxious, and increasingly overwhelmed, especially during the summary of our findings. Their faces fell, and you could see their dread and disappointment.  Finally, the mother looked at us and said:

You know, all I ever wanted was for my daughter to call me Mommy.


We understood. They were seeking those little milestones, the small life experiences every parent should have with their child. They were desperately hoping we would bring these out in their little one.

So, we created a customized treatment plan that included all of the areas of development that this child needed to become a strong and successful human being - but with one very BIG difference. Our larger and most profound goal was to direct all of this supportive collaborative energy towards those small, yet largely impactful life moments that were important for the connectedness of the family. We refer to these as “Magic Moments”… for indeed, they are nothing short of this. 

How do we know?

About a month later, we received a call from the family telling us that their child had just said her first word. It was “Mommy”.  Needless to say, the parents cried with joy – and so did we! We felt that we had not only made improvements in all areas of need but supported and created hope in this most important way for the family.

We took this experience and wove it into the fabric of our program. Now, we approach every family with the collaborative spirit that will help reveal each child’s dynamic potential as they develop and grow - one “Magic Moment” at a time.