Reading Groups

Learn to Read. Read to Learn!

Lumiere’s reading groups are designed by our speech therapists for optimum teaching and learning. We use the Orton-Gillingham approach to target the essential components of reading:

  • Phonics

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Spelling

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading fluency

  • Reading comprehension

The Orton-Gillingham approach uses research-based, systematic and multisensory strategies (seeing, hearing, touching) to help improve your child’s reading, writing and spelling skills. Our reading groups also incorporate hands-on activities to make learning a fun and memorable experience!

BOOKWORMS (suggested ages 5-7)


Learning to Read. This group focuses on phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and phonics skills which are needed to read and spell words. This includes:

  • rhyme recognition

  • syllable awareness

  • letter-sound correspondence

  • decoding – (breaking words into syllables and focusing on the individual sounds)

Beginning readers will learn the letter sounds (phonemes) and syllables and how to blend them together to read words.

SCHOLARS (suggested ages 8-10)


Reading to Learn. The goal of this group is to promote confident readers. We will review interesting, age-appropriate passages to work on comprehension such as identifying the main idea, important details, and answering questions about the stories we read. We will work on:

  • vocabulary knowledge (to support reading development and increase comprehension)

  • reading comprehension

  • reading fluency (speed, accuracy, prosody -patterns of stress and intonation)

  • spelling rules

Our program utilizes instructor modeling, repeated readings and progress monitoring to accelerate reading achievement.


Age groups are listed for each level for reference, however, groups will be based on skill level.