Our social clubs are designed to enlighten the way kids act and react in society. They gain the skills and confidence to become "stars" among peers and within the community. 

Interact. Socialize.

We offer a fun, relaxed setting that promotes a safe and loving environment for kids ages 2-11 to practice their interactive skills. Each group is facilitated by a licensed and certified therapist trained in social skill development. SociaLights Clubs target four specific relation-forming skill sets:

Conversational:  Initiating, maintaining, listening and engaging in conversation
Problem Solving:  Identifying areas of difficulty, then developing and executing a plan to achieve goals
Perspective Taking:  Recognizing and relating to others’ feelings, and using cues to help guide behaviors
Cooperative Play:  Respecting others’ opinions and differences and acting accordingly in unexpected situations

Our SociaLights Club is structured into four age-level* groups and designed to take kids on a social interaction journey that allows them to master and "graduate" on to the next age level, offering more developmentally complex social skills sets.


TWINKLE STARS (ages 2-3)

Thursdays 3-4pm

fridays 2-3pm

  • Turn taking

  • Eye contact

  • Using words and phrases to comment or request

  • Imitation

  • Functional and pretend toy play

  • Identifying basic feelings and emotions

  • Sharing and playing with others


SATURDAYS 9:45-11:15am


wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm (every wed. except 1st of the month)

  • Initiating conversation

  • Initiating and responding to joint attention

  • Taking turns when speaking

  • Engage in appropriate topics

  • Sharing

  • Problem solving

  • Expressing and identifying feelings and emotions

SHINING STARS (ages 6-8)

saturdayS 12:30-1:30pm

  • Problem solving

  • Leadership skills

  • Topic maintenance

  • Working/collaborating with peers

  • Expressing emotion appropriately

SUPER STARS (ages 8-11)

thursdays 4-5pm

  • Public speaking

  • Group presentation

  • Create engaging conversation

*Since children develop at different rates and abilities regardless of age, personal screeners will help determine which group is right for your child.

This offering may be billable to insurance; we would be happy to verify benefits for you.