"My son’s progress since he first started has been tremendous!. His motor skills, physical skills and speaking skills are increasing everyday. We will work collectively as one to continue help his development together."

"We’ve been working with Lumiere since August 2016, our main goal was to teach my son to use PECS. The therapist working with him is so dedicated and patient, she taught him how to use them and we’ve had a great progress! Right now he is able to get whatever is in the teacher’s hand by using PECS, he’s now able to do it with 3 different people and between them. Our ultimate goal is to teach him how to make full sentences and vocalize them."

"My son has been doing fantastically! He has improved so much. My family and friends see such a big difference in his speech. He has started using full sentences and he also opens up a lot more to his peers. My husband and I feel so elated that he has improved so much, thank you Lumiere!"

"As I look back the last 3 years I can’t believe how our daughter has improved! Having PT really changed her life, not only the therapist from Lumiere was an amazing teacher but she’s been so patient in knowing when to do the right things to help her improve. I feel like our daughter has met all her goals and is thriving as an exceptional, bright, kind-hearted 3 year old, thank you so much to everyone who’s been involved in her progress and helping her to improve, we will never forget what Lumiere has done for her."
"The therapist from Lumiere has done a great job at teaching him to use words and expressions. He is more likely to use his words for what he wants/needs now. She has taught me so much about sensory output and how to re-engage with him after e becomes angry/distracted. I look forward to be present in each session and what he will learn next. Thank you!" 
- Satisfied DT Parent
"I am very pleased with the tools the therapist has given me and my family for my son. For example, he now asks or is able to choose between options. We as a family are already confident and happy with his progression and his overall growth thanks to the therapist because she’s a great addition to him since he’s able to expand his growth and to reach beyond his age potential." 
– Proud Lumiere Mom

"Very professional office staff and the therapists are absolutely wonderful! I am so pleased with the services provided. The playgroups are fun; my child thoroughly enjoys them and has a great opportunity to socialize with peers.  A lot of individual attention is given in the groups.   Also, they accept all major insurance, which is a huge plus! I would highly recommend this practice as they are courteous and professional and most importantly, provide great services."

"I highly recommend [Lumiere] for any family seeking to provide their child(ren) with a competent speech therapist to help them reach their full potential.  We found them by accident, but are so glad we did.  Although a bit of a hike from where we live, it is well worth it.  The space is bright, CLEAN, and inviting.  After just three to four months … our child has made noticeable progress…We are excited about the progress we have made and look forward to our continued partnership with the…team to take our child to the next level."
"I think lumiere has done a great job with our family, we came to Lumiere scared, disappointed and various concerns related to our daughter’s development. The therapists here have taken us down a different path. My wife and I are now much better as a team to help our daughter thanks to Social Work, we are learning things that we can use in our everyday routine. The best part is that we can actually see the results in a short time, I feel much better prepared as a father and a husband , thank you."  – Lumiere dad
"Our daughter’s speech has improved significantly since she first started Speech Therapy. She has expanded her vocabulary and is more social with her peers. She now identifies colors, numbers and letters. She loves to sing children’s songs. She has improved her ways to express her feelings by calming stating that something is wrong."  – Satisfied Speech Mom
"We have had an incredible positive experience at Lumiere with Physical Therapy  for our child. The Lumiere therapists and their creative application + techniques have exceeded our expectations. Our children’s delay was 30%, so while he was not in a high-need category has responded to the sessions so well. He and I practiced the techniques needed to walk, climb, build core strength and even crawling about 3 days a week (in addition to our sessions) and hi met his goals of walking within 8 weeks. Erica, as well as the speech therapists have been professional, prepared, flexible and empowering to us as a family. We are so glad we did the EI program and regret we didn’t do it with our first son who had similar delays. Thank you!"  – Anonymous Satisfied Parent
"The therapist here are great. My 2yr old son has been receiving speech therapy for a year now he has gone through three therapist but he recently was assigned to Rachel. He has made such an improvement in the short time of Rachel taking over he is saying so many more words. Rachel is always giving us tips on what to do at home with my son she always keeps me informed about his progress. They are also able to do therapy session at his daycare."
"[The company] has been an amazing source of support in our times of need. My son has been in Speech and Occupational Therapy for 4 yrs and [they have] helped his mental and physical growth in every way. Allie Matuszewski is his SP Therapist and she is simply amazing. She is punctual, works well with our individual needs and accommodates wherever she can. Have been through many therapists in these past years but her passion and commitment surpasses anyone who I have ever come across in this arena. Its more than a job and that’s what makes the difference. We are ever so thankful to her for what she has done for my son and she is definitely an asset to which ever organization she chooses to work for!"
“Receiving the diagnosis that my son was delayed in his expressive communication skills caused a great deal of anxiety for me. I began researching speech therapy, trying to familiarize myself with the process as I was unclear what to expect during sessions and what reasonable outcomes were. After a couple of awkward sessions with a different speech therapist and company, one of the therapists from [Lumiere] began coming to our home once a week and immediately began teaching my son, as well as my husband and I, skills that truly began his remarkable progress.”

Voted 2015’s best Speech Language Pathologist in Chicago for Speech Language Pathology treatment and services as reviewed by patients.

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