Our Therapeutic Preschool program is a supportive and inclusive environment for children of all developmental needs. Our small group setting allows for optimal therapy for each child while participating in activities with peers.

Believe. Teach & Learn. 

Our preschool program facilitates education with a therapeutic approach, and is set in a fun, loving environment. At Lumiere, our “teach & learn” approach integrates holistic learning and play-based therapy to achieve developmental milestones.

Every day, your child will have the opportunity to practice developmental skills related to communication, literacy, feeding, fine motor, visual-spatial, gross motor, and self-help. These skills are taught using multi-modal activities, including books, music, movement, sensory exploration, arts & crafts, as well as various types of play! Our multi-dimensional program also places a high emphasis on building social/emotional development and positive peer interactions.  Each activity is modified to ensure your child’s success in our program in order to help them achieve academic milestones and "graduate".

Our clinic has several rooms devoted to the therapeutic preschool, including a sensory gym, allowing our children to regulate their bodies before challenging themselves with academic tasks. Our class size is designed for intimate instruction - up to six students - however, we also offer separate, private rooms to build on individual therapy sessions in a more private setting.

To help create a solid academic foundation for your child, our program provides instruction aligned with the Illinois Early Learning and Developmental Standards in subject areas such as language arts, math, science, social studies, physical development/health, and the arts. We are committed to Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a play-based curriculum to support the needs of our students.

 Our program is designed to be custom-built, allowing the individual goals of each child to be met within our classroom setting using a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach. Individualized therapy services are embedded daily into the preschool routine and are based on your child’s needs.

Therapy services can include any of the following: 

·      Speech and Language Therapy

·      Occupational Therapy

·      Physical Therapy

·      Social Work 

·      Developmental Therapy

·      Behavior (BCBA/ABA) services

We offer year-round rolling admission. Children ages 2-6 can register for full or half-day programs Monday - Friday; early drop-off and late pick-up options. Enrollment can be for 2-5 days per week. We look forward to creating Magic Moments with your child!

Did you know that therapeutic preschool costs may be covered by insurance?

My husband and I were drawn by the preschool’s holistic and highly personalized approach. We knew our son needed one-on-one attention from professionals that understood his unique challenges. We also wanted a voice and the ability to participate in our son’s education, provided by parent meetings and frequent updates.
— Lumiere parent
The preschool allows our child to engage in a number of fun activities that he would miss from a strict therapeutic schedule. I cherish the art projects he brings home and the daily updates (written down and provided by the staff) detailing his day.
— Lumiere parent